Cosmos Electrical are passionate about clean energy, saving our customers money and reducing the ever-increasing carbon footprints produced by the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

We believe in change, and by installing energy saving solutions this is the first step to becoming part of the next generation of electrical distribution.


Cosmos Electrical can advise on:

  • Your current energy consumption

  • How to reduce the energy you are using

  • Energy saving tips

  • AND ultimately, install the latest technologies needed to become carbon efficient and to lower your energy bills.

Renewable and Smart Energy

EVSE - Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment, Qualified to Level 3 award in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installations 2919-01.

EVSE, (Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment) Cosmos are fully trained to design, install and commission electric charging points wether this is domestic or commercial we can ensure that the whole process runs smoothly. We contact your energy provider either before or after each and every installation depending on the nature of the installation completing all the necessary/mandatory paper work. We offer supply and installation of any type of electric car charging point ranging from wall mounted, free standing and dual charging type products.

There are many types of electric vehicle charge points to choose from. We work closely with you to ensure we install the most suitable charge point for your needs – whether for you and your family or for other visitors to your home. We will identify, supply and install the charging solution you require, providing end to end project management for your charge point.

Why install a charge point at home?

  1. To recharge your vehicle at home, typically overnight.

  2. An existing mains socket will only charge your vehicle at the slowest speed possible.

  3. A dedicated charge point will increase the speed, safety and security of your charging facility.

  4. A dedicated charge point can be installed in the most convenient location possible for your vehicle.

  5. A government grant may be available for your domestic charge point.

Being part of the Rexel Energeasy Drive program we can offer the best possible prices, EVSE charging stations, OLEV government grant schemes. Cosmos are dedicated to make your Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment installation totally hassle free, allowing you to be fully charged in no time!

We can offer the OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) government grants for home owners to give you maximum discounts while still getting the excellent quality installation Cosmos offer.

The key features of the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme are as follows:

The grant is a 75% contribution towards the cost of one charge point and its installation up to a maximum of £500 (including VAT) per household/eligible vehicle.

Customers must provide evidence of keepership, lease, be named as the primary user of an eligible electric vehicle or have a vehicle on order in order toto be able to qualify for the grant. A full list of eligible vehicles can be found at

The Government reserves the right to terminate the grant at any time but will aim to provide 4 weeks' notice. The Government will honour grant claims made during this notice period following the announcement of the end of the scheme. The grant must only be claimed by installers which have been authorised by OLEV and have approval from a charge point manufacturer to install their accredited equipment. The date of installation must not be more than 4 months ahead of the date of delivery or start date of vehicle use.

We are also approved installers of ROLEC EVSE (electric car charging points/stations), because of this we can offer any of the below products within the electric vehicle home charge scheme.

There are many types of electric vehicle charge points to choose from. We work closely with you to ensure we install the most suitable charge point for your needs. We will identify, supply and install the charging solution you require, providing end to end project management for your charge point.

EVSE Maintenance Packages

Having a Cosmos EVSE maintained on a regular basis allows you to ensure as much as possible that your EVSE’s are in full working order 24/7.

What is included in an annual servicing and maintenance package (and its price) will vary by individual installation types, typically they can include:

A visit the installation premises 1 or 2 times per year depending on the installation type. We then do an onsite service inspection to ensure the electric car charging point is functioning correctly to ensure your vehicle is being correctly and efficiently charged.

Priority response times - same day/next day/48 hours emergency repairs

24/7 telephone support – Direct to an on-call engineer

Out of hours engineer support – Cosmos Electrical will be able to visit site out of hours, normally we will be able to resolve issues there and then to get your electric car charging point fully functioning

Remote detection of faults and rectification (external network products only)

Remote software updates (external network products only)

Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic, Qualified to level 3 award in Commercial and Domestic Photovoltaic systems 2399-13 + 239914. We are fully certified to Design, Install and Maintain PV systems!

What cell? Choosing the correct PV system can be complicated, Hybrid cells, Mono-Crystalline cells, Poly-Crystalline, Solar PV Orientation and optimum inclines, Shape of roof area, Shading?

Cosmos can advise on multiple product types pros/cons and help you achieve a carbon reduced home, or a money saving investment.

Solar Photovoltaic – Cosmos strive in offering expert advice on solar panel installations. We will work with customer to install the best possible configuration; if it’s either fast payback time or to be a big part in powering your home for self-consumption we can select and install the correct panels, cell-storage solutions, feed in tariffs and inverters.

We will do a free on-site assessment before all PV installations to check:

  1. The existing installation complies to BS7671 and its safe for us to work on

  2. Solar path finder test, this involves us using our specialist measuring tool to calculate any potential losses your system may incur due to shading factors.

  3. Measure roof space to assess the maximum number of panels that could be installed.

  4. Assess the best roofing face to install your solar panels.

  5. Discuss various types of PV modules: in-roof, on-roof or tiles.

  6. Measure roof pitch and assess the condition of the existing roofing materials and structures.

Following this onsite assessment, we will build a tailored proposal stating all potential paybacks, system Co2 reductions and initial costings.

Always keeping update with the latest technology’s, government grant schemes and training you can res-assure were installing the most cost efficient, reliable and clean energy friendly products available.

We will arrange the necessary access equipment needed for your property to minimize disruption and make your new solar panel installation run as smooth as possible.

Voltage Optimization

Reduce your energy usage by up to 14%.

The voltage optimizer can lower energy consumption, lower operating temperatures and extend the life of electrical appliances.

Voltage optimization can prolog appliance life and lower energy consumption, in turn maximizing your home investments, reducing carbon footprint and decreasing your energy bills.

UK voltage is typically 240-242V, most appliances are designed for the harmonized European voltage of 230V. When appliances are used at a higher voltage they draw more current and produce more power.

Example a) an average kettle used at 230V produces 2.3kW of power. b) an average kettle used at 242V produces 2.5kW of power.

Using a voltage optimizer at the origin of your installation applies this power saving solution to all of your connected circuits.

LED Lighting Installations

With experience in the LED Lighting Manufacturing industry Cosmos are able to produce lighting designs and install various LED lighting systems; advise and install advanced controls such as DALI, PIR Occupancy sensors and Daylight Harvesting – all lowering your energy consumption even more!

Cosmos Electrical can work to drawings or install and supply lighting designs using the latest lighting software’s to ensure: adequate quantity of lighting fixtures is used; maximum energy savings are achieved and most importantly the correct the uniformity of light. With there being lots of factor to choose from when selecting LED lighting fixtures such as beam angles, colour rendering index’s (CRI/RA), lm/watt, colour temperatures (CCT) and and specific fixture applications Cosmos we ensure the installation is completed professionally and to the highest possible standard.

Cosmos have a wealth of knowledge when if comes to LED lighting.

Smart Heating Controls

Cosmos Electrical are able to install and commission HIVE, NEST, Honeywell, Drayton and Energenie smart accessories and controllers. Used correctly these are great tools to lower energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Using Smart heating controls allows the used to set each room to a desired temperature or control your home temperature from anywhere in the world.