Cosmos Electrical Contractors Limited Terms and Conditions 2018

1.     All material is fully owned by Cosmos Electrical Contractors Limited until invoice is paid off in full, even after installed.

2.     Estimates are not fixed quotes and can vary, estimates are approximate minimum-maximum but never a final price.

3.     If we do work (including fault finding or cable location etc.) then there is a charge and this is not included in free advice. 

4.     Free advice is general electrical safety recommendations individually to your needs helping to improve the safety of your property/premises. 

5.     Inspection and testing is included in every invoice as standard (unless specified before work starts) as this is to ensure every circuit worked on complies with current regulations and is safe and fit for use. Sometimes followed with free advice. 

6.     Inspection and testing is normally including (unless otherwise stated) in all jobs and fully certification given if applicable. Certificates are only issued when payment if received in full and all funds have cleared. 

7.     Duplicate certificates are charged at minimum £20 per A4 sheet.

8.     It is the client/customers responsibility to ensure permission, building warrants and authorisation for any/all work required. 

9.     First invoice is issued and if payment is not received within the terms stated as per individual invoice (including weekends and bank holidays) an 8% above bank of England base rate fee is added as late payment and the invoice is resent on day 11 for the extra added amount. Any discounts / special offers / promotions will be forfeited and reinstated back onto the invoice.  Strict payment terms -  receive FULL payment, excluding down payments /deposits. 

10.   Failure to settle account within one calendar month of invoice date will automatically start legal claims proceedings at the FULL rate of invoice. All legal costs, late payments fees, additional labour fees can be added to the invoice as decision of Cosmos Electrical Contractors Limited. There may be a daily interest applied to any long term outstanding debts until payment cleared in full. Only one reminder is posted as an overdue reminder, this has the 8% added and further to receive payment debt recovery costs started without further warnings. 

11.   Any equipment requiring hired, i.e. access equipment, other tradesmen (subcontractors, i.e. plumber/builder/carpet fitter/ decorator etc.) or any other large cost out with our control will be paid for in advance by yourself the customer (or bill payer) in full before the 1st day of work direct or via ourselves to the subcontractor(s). 

12.   1 full year (12 month) guarantee on all parts, labour and any material is included. This does not include access equipment or other trades in guarantee. Lamps, transformers, wear and tear and customer damage/misuse are not included under this clause and are chargeable. Such cover does not extend to goods not supplied by Cosmos Electrical Contractors Limited.

13.   Cosmos Electrical Contractors do not take responsibility for replacing any age related damages to carpet(s) and or underlays liable to damage if the need arises to gain access under floor boards or boards alike.

14.   Debit or Credit card payment will incur an additional fee depending on payment amount at 1.69%.

15.   Normal working hours at single time are 8am-4.30pm, Monday - Friday, excluding bank holidays, Christmas / New Year. Out of these hours is charged at a higher labour charge. 

16.   Emergency call out available thought year, 24hour, 365 days a year. (see above). 

17.   Cosmos Electrical Contractors Limited can change its terms and conditions at any time, only in writing if a current contract is already started. No future notice needed to be given to change terms and conditions. 

18.   In certain times both parties hereby agree that they shall endeavour to resolve any dispute or claim arising out of or in relation to this Agreement through independent mediation. The parties will select a mutually acceptable mediator. The fees and expenses of the mediator shall be borne equally by the parties. If the parties fail to reach an agreement which resolves all matters in the dispute within 45 days of the date on which either Party has notified the other party that it wishes to initiate a mediation under this clause, then either party shall be entitled to seek such legal remedies as may be appropriate.

19.   In the event of a dispute, mediation is to be the preferred method of resolution.

20.   Payment Terms: Domestic 7 Days

21.   Payment Terms Commercial 30 Days



Account name: Cosmos Electrical Contractors Limited          

Account number:  808 268 14                 Sort Code: 51-70-06

Cheques payable to: “Cosmos Electrical Contractors Ltd” Please include invoice number on back. If personal cheque, then card guarantee needs to be added to rear.